Contact Viv for a quote for any of the services below:

First Steps

  • Website production – set-up, customisation, design, information architecture.
  • Web domain registration and hosting – get your site started on the web.
    (new websites produced via VIVidWeb include one year’s free hosting (FTP access extra))
  • Copy writing – organise your content for clarity and communication of purpose

Up and Running

  • Website maintenance – keeping your software up to date and other webmaster tasks.
  • SEO – ensuring that your site has all the meta tags and content organisation needed to get best results from search engine crawlers.


  • Tired of your site’s look? From simple makeovers to converting an old HTML site to a dynamic CMS, your site can be revitalised.


  • Security Evaluation/Enhancements – install and fine-tune extra software to secure your site against hackers.
  • Fine-tune your WordPress site – running slowly? lots of error messages? Let me evaluate your theme/plugin setup and do some upgrading and winnowing to get your site humming like a top.